About Me

Welcome! I'm a PhD student in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. As part of the Educational Technology Collaborative lab group (link in the side bar), my research lies at the intersection of education and technology. Broadly speaking, I leverage machine learning and statistical modeling to improve and personalize students' learning experiences at scale. Here, I share some of the educational content I've created over the years, as well as random musings related to educational data mining and learning analytics (or really anything I feel like) more broadly.

Please feel free to browse the blogs, but first, I leave you with this old (and rather corny) poem and a random picture of North Vancouver that I can't quite bring myself to remove:

                          Sample a dish on education:
                          a dash of science and a pinch of math,

                                              emulsified with music & faux gastronomy,
                                              for scattered meā€”life has no recipe.

                                                                Browse a delectable composition,
                                                                or at least, a palatable hodgepodge,
                                                                served with complementary, figurative tea.
North Vancouver skyline