About Me

Hi! I'm a PhD candidate in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. As part of the Educational Technology Collaborative lab group (link in the side bar), my research lies at the intersection of technology and education.

Specifically, I explore the interaction between how people use machine learning and AI systems to make decisions, and how that affects both computer models and educational outcomes. We have built predictive models and analyzed effects on such systems when students choose to opt-out of sharing their data; we also seek to better understand learners' privacy perceptions surrounding these decisions. My current work centers around AI-generated explanations and how that influences metacognitive judgements (a process where people think about their thinking to form opinions about their own knowledge).

Here, I share some of the educational content I've created over the years from my experience teaching both in formal and informal settings: job preparation programs, tutoring services, and university teaching. These topics range from my prior background in physics and mathematics. I also jot down some current musings regarding education and learning analytics (or the other odd topic here-and-there). For details about my papers and projects, view the CV and "Publications" link above.

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