The National Science Foundation (NSF) has a Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) that hands out awards to graduate students each year. I received this after applying for it in my first year of the PhD program. Here is a short description directly from their website:

If you receive the award, you are required to submit a yearly update. This involves filling out a form regarding your achievements and training, as well as writing up a one-page summary. While I don’t remember there being a particular format you have to follow, I decided to split it into “Broader Impacts” and “Intellectal Merit” as these are the criteria used when applying to the GRFP and to NSF grants in general.

Since I’m nearing graduation and in my last year of the program, I thought it would be nice to publicly post the updates I’ve written up over the years (which also counts as a broader impact I suppose). Hopefully this will be helpful to others and also be a good summary of my activities over the past few years of my academic career (which will be transitioning into some other career TBD later). Here is the most recent one:

…And the links to the previous years are below:

Lastly, in some of my updates I reference materials that I have posted online. My teaching materials can be found here, and a presentation that I give last year about students’ privacy perceptions on the collection of educational data can be viewed below: